Our Methodology


R & D

In our R&D phase, we put our efforts to search for the right competency levels on the parameters of skill, experience, stability, and performance. By ranking the candidatures on these parameters we select and share the quality candidatures with our clients.

Preliminary Screening & Interview

With the selection of candidatures, we are engaged in a preliminary screening where we assess them on Key Result Areas (KRA’s), Compensation Package, Job Title, Job Location, and other details. Our team of consultants personally conducts their interviews to assess the candidate’s competency.


With the preliminary screening and interview, we valid the candidate through a discreet reference check

Client Interview

After the initial screening and validation, we refer the candidate for the client interview where the client can directly assess the capability and potential of the candidate.

Formal Reference Check

With the positive feedback from the client, we make a formal reference check about the candidate regarding his work ethics, performance, behavior, and other basic details.


The last phase of the process is the negotiation and the handholding phase where we negotiate for the salary package, joining date, and offer letter. Also, we continue to maintain our relationship with both our client and selected candidate to ensure smooth integration of the candidate in the organization.