CV & Coverletter Tips


Is your cover letter easy to read?
Is it on a single page?
Did you write your cover letter for a specific company?
Did you address the hiring manager by their full name?
Do you establish yourself as qualified in the first paragraph?
Is your writing tone appropriate for the job you want?
Did you explain how you discovered the job?
Do you expand (not repeat) on the content of your resume?
Did you include numbers in your cover letter to provide context?
Did you demonstrate how you’re a culture fit?
Is your writing free of cliches?
Did you use action verbs to describe your experience?
Were you careful to avoid using too much jargon and too many abbreviations?
Did you show some personality (but not too much)?
Do you highlight your ability to work remotely?
Does your cover letter end with sincere enthusiasm?
Did you sign off with “Best,” or “Sincerely,” and your full name?
Did you e-sign your cover letter?
Did you proofread your writing?
Did you get a second opinion on your cover letter?
Are you 100% sure your application meets the company’s submission requirements?