The ‘Company’ may send a request to the ‘Consultant’ including the title of the position to be filled, the qualifications and skill sets necessary for that position along with detailed salary structures.

The ‘Consultant’ shall send the ‘Company’, current resumes of Applicants to fill the positions      specified by the ‘Company’, within a reasonable time.  Any exemptions by the clients will be communicated in advance for qualifying candidates.

The ‘Company’ in its sole and absolute discretion, shall decide to interview any or all the Applicants whose resumes have been forwarded by the ‘Consultant’ for perusal and final interview. The ‘Company’ shall notify the ‘Consultant’ in a timely manner with the results of shortlisting /interview.

In the event the ‘Company’, in its sole and absolute discretion elects to enter a Service Relationship with one of the Applicants whose resume was provided by the ‘Consultant’, the ‘Company’, shall pay the ‘Consultant’ a referral fee in accordance with paragraph two of this Agreement.

Placement Referral Fees

Once the selected candidate joins and completes 30days, the ‘Company’, shall pay by cheque/online Transfer in favor of “Nandanam Jobs HR Consultancy” a placement fee (mentioned below) of the yearly CTC as agreed with the selected candidates.

The ‘Consultant’ Shall raise the invoice after 30 days of the candidate joining the ‘Company’.

The ‘Company’ shall pay the amount within 7days of the receipt of the invoice.

In the event, the candidate employed by the client through “Nandanam Jobs HR Consultancy” leaves the company within 2 months from the date of joining, we shall ensure to make a replacement with a qualified experienced candidate without any additional placement fee.

The placement fee will be reviewed as and when required on stabilizing working relationship as mutually agreed between the ‘Consultant’ and the ‘Company’, for future candidates.

Placement referral fees would be 6% of Yearly CTC + 18% GST (for all positions).

Validity of Resume – All resumes received from the ‘Consultant’ shall be valid for a period of one year from the date of receipt of resume. In the event the candidates whose resumes are sent by the ‘Consultant’ (within the agreement period) are recruited by the ‘Company’, in the similar position or any other position within a period of 12 months (from the date of receipt of resume), the ‘Consultant’ will invoice for such recruitment.

Term – The Agreement shall be valid for a period of one year from 06-03-2019 to 06-03-2020. Either party may terminate this Agreement by providing written notice to the other party thirty (30) days before the date of termination. The agreement shall be renewed at the discretion of both the parties.

Non-Solicitation – During the term of this Agreement and for 12 months thereafter, either party shall not directly or indirectly, employ or offer employment to any of their employees, unless expressly agreed.