Sr.PHP Developers

Get the basics right
– Use an easy to read font. Nothing too out there in style, colour or size
– Keep the formatting simple and easy to follow. Don’t allow the CV to get cluttered, it has to be clear and concise
– Only use contact details that you can be reached on. Ensure answer phone messages for those numbers have a professional message
– Ideal length is two to three pages. There are exceptions, but not many
– Use bullet points rather than lengthy paragraphs.
– Save the file as ‘your name – resume’

Send a clear message
Modify your CV for each job application. It needs to read as a clear narrative in relation to the role you are applying for. Pick out and emphasise only your key achievements and experience that relate to the role you are applying for. We are not suggesting removing details of your work experience, a clear chronology of your experience is important, but you can limit the detail listed from roles that are not as relevant.

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